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Information about the conference

Baltic Sea Cultural Gathering conference “Culture as a driving force for social and economic development of the region” Gdańsk, 16-17.09.2015

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland invited all cultural practitioners from the Baltic Sea Region for the Baltic Sea Cultural Gathering that was held from the 15th to the 18th of September in Gdańsk. The Gathering was organized as a main event of the Polish Presidency in CBSS within the framework of the “Creativity” priority. The event consisted of following parts:

  • Meeting of Ministers of Culture of the Baltic Sea States on the 16th of September 2015 at the Maritime Culture Centre and the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk. It was be the first meeting of cultural ministers from the Baltic Sea States to be held since 2008.
  • Working groups’ meetings, 15 – 18.09, Maritime Cultural Centre, Gdańsk According to the catchphrase of the Polish Presidency in CBSS, which is „Sustainability, Creativity, Safety. Synergy in diversity”, the conference was accompanied by back-to-back meetings of all key cultural organizations in the region:
    • Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture;
    • Policy Area Culture Steering Group (EUSBSR);
    • ARS BALTICA Organizing Committee;
    • Union of Baltic Cities Committee For Culture;
    • CBSS Committee of Senior Officials (CSO);
    • Joint meeting of National Coordinators of the EUSBSR and coordinators of the Policy Areas working under the strategy goal of „Increasing Prosperity”;
    • Project Support Facility committee meeting;
  • Conference „Culture as a driving force for social and economic development of the Baltic Sea Region”, 16-17 September 2015, European Solidarity Centre, Gdańsk.

The conference focused on showcasing the evidence of impact of culture on society and economy of the region and its development. During two days filled with discussions and workshops, participants tried to collect hard data as well as methods for enhanced communication between cultural, financial and administrative sectors that sometimes do not fully grasp the importance of culture for regional growth.

The conference was the main event organized within the framework of the “Creativity” priority of the Polish Presidency in the CBSS and is related to the currently ongoing chairmanship of Poland in the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture as well as to Poland’s coordination of the Policy Area Culture of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

The program of the conference included among others:

  • A panel discussion of Ministers of Culture of the Baltic Sea States;
  • Workshops presenting the relationship of culture with various socio-economic fields such as:
    • Culture & Entrepreneurship;
    • Culture & Social Innovation;
    • Culture & Education;
    • Culture & Sustainability;
    • Culture & Creative Cities;
  • Presentations of successful regional initiatives from the field of culture;
  • A panel dedicated to creative cities in the region: „Smart cities” – case studies.
  • The conference aimed to present brave and visionary statements of experts and thinkers from the interdisciplinary fields at the crossroad of culture and other socio-economic sectors.
  • After the end of the conference, the Baltic Cultural Centre invited all the participants to take part in theCultural Innovations Lab workshop on 17-18.09;

Moreover, on the first day (15.09) all participants of the Gathering were welcomed with a special concert organized in St. John’s Centre with the cooperation of The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. The concert was also open for the local public and the citizens of Gdańsk. On the very same day, the exhibition of the „Baltic House” project, coordinated by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre was opened in St. John’s Centre – as one of the potential flagship projects of the Priority Area Culture (EUSBSR).

On the second day of the event (16.09.), the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland invited all the conference attendees to one of the creative spaces of the so-called “Tri-City” for a networking dinner.

Full programme of the conference.

Practical information for conference attendees and working meetings participants.

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