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Information About the Conference

Extended Collective Licensing, National Audiovisual Institute, Warsaw, March 16 and 17, 2016

The main objective of the conference is to analyze the specific model of the management of copyright – extended collective licensing - which was developed and has been evolved in the Nordic countries from the early 1960s and step by step is being introduced to the national legislations of European countries.

An extended collective license (ECL) is a licensing agreement freely negotiated between a collective management organization and a user, the application of which is extended through legislation to allow the use of works of a non-member rights holders. ECL is claimed to be one of the most efficient mechanisms of clearance of copyrights, which is at utmost importance to the creative industries. It addresses the most complicated situations of massive exploitation of rights, including in the digital environment, where right holders are numerous, not associated in collective management organizations or difficult to be located.

Specific presentations and panels should outline the main features of ECL as well as discuss key legal problems connected with it. The following topics will be taken up in the debate:
• genesis of ECL system;
• relation of ECL to international copyright treaties;
• comparative analysis of ECL and other instruments to include works for non-mandating authors;
• long term practices of Nordic ECL schemes – comparison of different solutions;
• Danish generic ECL model;
• new initiatives – solutions recently introduced in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and United Kingdom;
• application of ECL in different areas i.e.:
- activities of broadcasting organizations,
- out-of-commerce works,
- education and reprography,
- activities of cultural institutions (libraries, archives, museums),
- music sector;
• ECL cross-border issues;
• future of ECL model.

Please note that professional photographs and video will be captured during the conference. If you do not give a permit to be recorded or captured on the photographs which might be used in the future to promote Baltic Sea Region cooperation or National Audiovisual Institute, please inform the organisers about it by 14th of March.

Full programme of the conference

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